Wheelmen & Co: Sixpoint Craft Ales X Wheelmen & Co.


Wheelmen & Co: Sixpoint Craft Ales X Wheelmen & Co.


Wheelmen & Co know good beer when they see it and Sixpoint has been making moves to branch out into the cycling world so this collaboration seems perfect. Move over PBR, people have taste now!

“We are very proud to present a unique collaboration with “Sixpoint Craft Ales” in Brooklyn New York. Sixpoint’s brand and vision is synchronized with Wheelmen’s, as we both honor the roots and heritage of our craft, but forge ahead by reinterpreting the classical craftsmanship in a modern sense. It was only natural that Wheelmen & Sixpoint work together to create the custom made “nanokeg”—holster. The holster will complement Sixpoint’s newly released 16-ounce nanokegs of four of its most popular beers—Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, The Crisp, and Righteous Ale. Sixpoint and Wheelmen will not be selling the limited-edition Sixpoint “nanokeg” holsters but instead to procure one of these holsters you should stay tuned via Sixpoint’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to determine when the tasting events occur in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia.”