Well Used: SUNringlé MTX 33


Well Used: SUNringlé MTX 33


This is long past-due and once again, deviating from my own definition of the Well Used category. Way back in February, after the Mid-West Mayhem, SUNringlé sent me their MTX33 rims. 36 holed, 33mm wide and burly as hell! Since then I’ve thrashed the hell out of these rims and only until recently have I had to rebuild the wheels with new rims. The rear wheel lasted me from February until July. Sure, it had a few dents and a flat spot but it was resilient!

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What I’m trying to say is, I never got the chance to photograph the damaged rim. I finally destroyed it the day before I was supposed to go to LA and I had to take it apart to get a wheel built for my trip. The front wheel was still alive and kicking with a flat spot when I decided to rebuild it. Now, with two fresh rims in my wheelset, I’m stoked like hell on them again. I’ve tried to ride the other manufacturer’s version of this rim and destroyed it in a day. The SUNringlé MTX 33 has held up better than any rim I’ve ever ridden. I would recommend lacing your wheels 4x with butted spokes and try to fit as big of a tire on it as possible. I’ve got a 48c on the rear here and a 45c on the front.

Many thanks to SUNringlé for sending me these rims back in February. I’m beyond stoked on how they held up! Check out a few more photos on my Flickr.

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