Well Used: DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers


Well Used: DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers

What I’m going to start to try to do from here on out is a series called “Well Used”. This series will follow up on products that I’ve reviewed in the past after they’d been umm, well used. Because what’s the point in doing a product review on something that’s brand-new? First up are my DVS Milan CTC Cadence sneakers. I first received these at the beginning of June and after spending some time in them, I’m pretty impressed.

Check out what all I’ve gotta say about them below.

I am very hard on just about everything I own and since it’s summer, I’m spending a good amount of time outdoors. When I get sent a product, I really like to work it over before I recommend it to anyone.

The guys at DVS worked hard on developing a new outsole for the CTC sneakers and they’ve held up much better than other options at this pricepoint. I hate it when you buy shoes and after a week, the rigidity is gone. Here’s the toebox of the shoes, worn in but not thrashed like many speculated with the materials.

The reflective accents aged to this silvery finish.

Here’s evidence of the durable outsoles. Hardly worn after a solid two months of use.

What I call “fall burns”.

Overall, the construction and materials used makes for a reasonably-priced sneaker with accents and details geared towards casual cycling. DVS has no plans of backing out of the cycling-themed collection. Future projects are on the horizon, so expect more updates as events warrant!

Product Review: DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers