Well Used: Brooks Leather Bar Tape


Well Used: Brooks Leather Bar Tape


When I post an Initial Reaction, I get trace amounts of anxiety. What if I post something and everyone bashes it? Well, unlike the bars I was riding, this Brooks leather bar tape has been holding up just fine to daily abuse. Yep, no “Zombie flesh” here, as one commenter pointed out. I’ve actually put a solid month and over 400 miles on this stuff and it’s still alive and kicking.

Check out more photos below.


I wear either my vintage leather or some Specialized gloves when I ride. Both have black padded palms and attract grease, sweat and oil like magnets. Any other white tape I’ve had has gotten dirty and worn after a few rides.


Yep. I’d say that looks pretty good. White leather never stays 100% clean but the finish has held up great. I haven’t even tried cleaning it yet. I’ll be putting this on more of my bikes, that’s for sure. Check out the specs on Brooks Leather Bar Tape here!