Wahoo Frontiers: Sarah Sturm

Its time for another episode of Wahoo Frontiers this time with Durango based Sarah Sturm, read on below for the full story from Wahoo.

The measurement of success for athletes of all levels is oftentimes determined by the results in a race or a challenge. What is often missed in the pursuit of performance is the change that sport makes on an athlete’s life and how those changes are powerful and stand the test of time. Sarah Sturm has set her own path to success, creating her own definition of success in a sport that often defines success by the results.

There is a fire in Sarah that makes her a worthy competitor at any bike race while being kind, informed, and giving back to others is how Sarah defines success. Being an inspiring athlete is one thing but putting action to inspiration is called leadership. Is Sarah the new definition of what it means to be a professional athlete?