Wahoo Frontiers: Ian Boswell Unbound Gravel

Wahoo‘s newest Frontiers video features Ian Boswell and his win at Unbound Gravel.

“In December of 2019, Ian Boswell announced his retirement from road cycling and his shift in focus to gravel racing. Ian set his route to all things adventure. Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But it’s hard to remember that when focusing on wins and watts, podiums, and purses. He transitioned away from the status quo to experience the joy of racing again.  With a pandemic and training solo, Ian is back into racing with the rest of the world.

In this episode of Frontiers, Ian Boswell shares his story of racing gravel post-pandemic, being back with a group of riders, and experiencing both the comradery and competition once more to become the Unbound King of Gravel…”