Velociprom in Baltimore


Velociprom in Baltimore

Figured I’ve give the Bmore readers a little time to plan for this event. Velocipede Bike Project is throwing a bike prom called Velociprom on February 13th. Check out more information below.

Velocipede Bike Project is a collectively run non-profit dedicated to helping people use bicycles as transportation. We collect donated, second-hand, and landfill-bound bikes, which we then use to teach people how to repair and build their own bicycles. We also provide affordable and safe refurbished bicycles and bicycle parts.

Through our programming, we seek to:

* provide transportation to people of low and moderate incomes
* encourage healthy lifestyles
* reduce the waste flow into our landfills
* decrease dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels

The Velocipede Bicycles Project operates through the volunteer time and contributions of people of many ages and backgrounds from across Baltimore. Through, recycling, education, and using the love of the bicycle as a tool to build community, we are working together to build a healthier urban environment.