Velo Cult: Motobecane Mixte Restoration


Velo Cult: Motobecane Mixte Restoration

Any time I post something from Velo Cult, you know it’s gonna be good. Even if Mixte bikes aren’t your cup of tea, you can truly appreciate this bike. Here’s a little back-story on the build:

The wheels are 650b with original hubs and original front rim. The spokes, nipples, and rear rim (Velo Orange 650b rim) are new. The headset is Velo Orange French threaded since the original was a bit rough looking. The frame, fork and bars were powder coated a old world brick red that’s very classy looking. The fenders were powder coated to match as well. The Brooks saddle, and Velo Orange racks are brand new. The grips are cotton tape with hemp twine and coated with shellac. The pedal were done with new rubber blocks that match the bike perfectly. As you can see we took a lot of pride in this build and whoever ends up with this bike will get decades of classy riding out of it.

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