Vans Supercorsa Italian Cycles Collection


Vans Supercorsa Italian Cycles Collection

Vans introduced their Supercorsa shoes last year. Modeled after vintage cycling shoes, they either struck a nerve or struck your wallet. Now, as a continuation to the Supercorsa line, they’ve introduced the Italian Cycles collection. As Hypebeast reports:

…this new pack showcases the Supercorsa in an all-canvas motif, with each colorway representing specific honors per Italian cyclists. Featured is the White Jersey (Best Young Rider), Rose (Leader-Champion), Green (King of the Mountains), Pink (Best Sprinter), and black (Last Place). Look for these to drop in July of 2010.

Kind of a stretch if you ask me. Nothing really makes them cycling specific. No 3M, no stiff soles. Just plain old Vans marketed towards the fixed crowd.

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