Vans Supercorsa Fall 2009


Vans Supercorsa Fall 2009

Aside from keeping some of the same nuanced details, the next version of the Vans Vault Supercorsa doesn’t really look like the last version. Sure, the Italian-flag Vans tag is there, but the stylings aren’t the same. The new models use a leather weave on the sides which will no doubt be a bit thicker than the current model.

3 models are slated for release this Fall. Each bearing a different flag; Italian, French and Irish. Really liking the new model and I hope Vans continues to use cycling shoes as precedents for the Supercorsa model. I think I’m leaning more towards the French colorway. White leather will look awesome after a few weeks.

Via Marcus Troy

Vans Vault Supercorsa