Vanilla Track with Campy Super Record


Vanilla Track with Campy Super Record


This bike was my first introduction to Vanilla‘s master craftsmanship. I remember seeing photos of it at NAHBS years back and drooling all over it. Now it hangs in NYC Velo on 2nd Avenue in NYC. Small details, like this chain-hanger make it a very practical and still sexy bike. Practicality and vintage componentry might now be your forte, but for geeks like me, it’s what we live for. Especially when it comes to Campagnolo Super Record Pista groups.

Check out some more photos below.


Yes, those are non-fluted Super Record cranks. I had the Strada on my 90’s Merckx Corsa Extra but these are most definitely Pista. 165mm too!


In case you didn’t believe me. These are some of the most coveted Campagnolo components ever made. A pantographer’s dream!


You really can’t beat the build. Campy clips too.


I still think, years later, that this is one of Vanilla’s best bicycles. A true Beautiful Bicycle. If these shots don’t do it for you, check out more at Vanilla’s Gallery.

I’ve also got a few more photos up at my Flickr.