Vails and Gorski Advertisement for Murray


Vails and Gorski Advertisement for Murray

Murray has always had a negative stigma attached to their name. Most of this is due to their background in low-end bicycles, sold to big-box retailers in the 1980’s like K-Mart, Walmart and Target. If I’m not mistaken, these professional track bikes pictured in this vintage ad from 1984 were made by Serotta; much like some of the Huffy track bikes from this era (John Slawta also made some of the Huffy’s – read up more about Hampsten’s Huffy on Belgian Knee Warmers).

Vails and Gorski were fierce racers who, as the ad says, both competed against each other on the same model bike. During the 1984 Olympics however, they raced on the same team. This vintage and others can be found over at Stonejf’s Vintage Ad Flickr set.

I want this Clément Tires ad as a poster…