Union Foundry: Rotafixer T0001-0A


Union Foundry: Rotafixer T0001-0A

Joshua Kampa from Open Bicycle and Aaron Panone from Aarn Works Design have joined forces in Sommerville, Massachusetts under the guise of Union Foundry. They believe that elegant design serves as its own Raison d’être, or reason for being. This ideology is exemplified by their first project, the Rotafixer T0001-0A.

When I first received this painstakingly-designed packaging in the mail, I thought it was some sort of proprietary cog. After a minute, I figured it out and man, I’m impressed!

Check out some more information below!

From the Mylar envelope to the hand typed and signed letter and even down to the chipboard packaging that was stamped with the Union Foundry logo, it’s easy to see that this project is from the minds of creative and passionate individuals.

The CNC-milled and polished rotafix lockring wrench is a fraction the size of traditional lockring wrenches. By using the same rotafix method you’d use to switch cogs, you can now take off your lockrings. This would be an ideal tool to use while touring on a track bike, or even to the track for racing.

To ensure your bottom-bracket isn’t damaged by your track chain, the guys at Union Foundry commissioned another Massachusetts-based company, Penfield to make a flannel protector cloth.

Here’s Union Foundry’s letter to me.

Thanks so much guys! Let’s all hope that they put this into production! Confused as to how rotafixing works? Check out the Wikipedia page.