Tumbleweed’s Persuader Bar


Tumbleweed’s Persuader Bar

Tumbleweed Bikes has been working on a new handlebar, the Persuader, to fit everything from their touring bike, the Prospector, to a trail MTB and beyond. We got an advanced look at the bar, which is due out later this fall…

The Persuader bar isn’t the hefty hunk of steel you’d expect by the name, albeit a Clydesdale-approved product from the creator of the Prospector, this bar is barely 600 grams, 800mm wide and more comfortable than any swoopy mountain bar I’ve ridden.  It’s width lets you spread your wings and breathe, but the combo of rise, flare, and sweep, (50mm rise, 30 degree sweep) made this bar not just comfortable to commute on, but also remarkably shreddy, no really!

Mounting space galore, I rode both an older generation Fabio’s chest and the Fab’s Fanny Pack, and the bars and backed worked really well as a commuting setup. I spent nearly every day for a week riding this bar. I was really blown away is just how good this bar felt while riding some faster, technical mountain bike trails. It definitely wasn’t something I expected.  The last few weeks I’ve been experiencing some wrist issues which have kept me only working minimal hours, but even with those issues I felt comfortable riding these bars. I’ve heard rumors this bar will be available in this raw finish, and I hope they’re true, cause damn, look at it.  I’ve preached the gospel of Jeff Jones for years, but I think this bar made me a convert to the temple of Tumbleweed.  If you feel the same way, there is going to be a preorder over at Tumbleweed bikes, with delivery sometime in October.