Tuesday Teardown: Weedeater – Jason… The Dragon


Tuesday Teardown: Weedeater – Jason… The Dragon


I’m from Wilmington, North Carolina, the home of Weedeater and I’ve seen Dixie Dave and the boys tear speakers and ear drums to shreds many a times. What I’m saying is, I know this band quite well. Not them as individuals, but the band’s talent and potential. When they signed to Southern Lord, I was pretty stoked. Finally, some production and money would be backing them. Upon hearing their last release in 2007, God Luck & Good Speed, my hopes had come true. They fucking killed it!

I went from seeing them play venues down by Monkey Junction, outside Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, to catching them in NYC opening for other great acts. Dixie Dave still sucks the ‘Tussin and consumes pills handed to him by the audience just like he used to in the 910. I’m pretty confident in saying that aside from Sabbath, these guys were my first intro to real, down and dirty doom metal in the late 90’s. Now, it’s 2011 and they had a rough fucking time between their last album and now. Dave blew off part of his foot, Shep broke his toe and that set the production for Jason… The Dragon back.

Knowing what Steve Albini has done for bands like High on Fire, I was beyond stoked when I received the press-release announcing their new album. Arik Roper artwork. Check. Kick-ass producer. Check. How could they lose? Well, not that they lost anything but I was pretty bummed when the tracks loaded up to see that it comes in around 30 minutes. 4 years of touring, producing and editing amounted to only 30 minutes? What the fuck? Before you get as pissed as I did, I can assure you that these 30 minutes are still convincing of their “FUCK YOU” metal mentality.

Check out the rest of my review at the Mishka Bloglin and listen to the track “Mancoon” at Soundcloud thanks to Brooklyn Vegan.