Tuesday Teardown: King Dude, Chelsea Wolfe and Horse Latitudes


Tuesday Teardown: King Dude, Chelsea Wolfe and Horse Latitudes

This Tuesday Teardown, we’re taking it slow and low, beginning with Seattle’s King Dude. I’ve plugged this band numerous times here on the site over the years, so little or no intro is needed. While a lengthy review of King Dude’s newest album, Burning Daylight, might help introduce you to this dark folk / Americana act, the above video just lays it all out. What’s the purpose in explaining something that’s so well composed? Burning Daylight is not your parent’s Johnny Cash, nor is it as neo-folkish as King Dude’s previous releases. It’s just damn good (dark) rock and roll. Stream the entire album at Stereogum today and pick up the LP at Dais Records.

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This next album is even further down the dark corridor. Chelsea Wolfe‘s previous work was demented, dismal and even primal. The first time I heard her last LP, Apokalypsis, I couldn’t help but feel fight or flight take over. You know, your body’s reaction to something new. You choose to fight and face it, or flee. I stayed with it. Not to be overly-dramatic about listening to an album but some music just speaks to you.

So when Chelsea Wolfe started posting updates to her new album on Twitter and Instagram, I didn’t know what to expect. And that’s what Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs is. Void of expectations. A break-away album if you will. This LP is so unlike her previous work and yet, it ties right back in. Gone are the howling tones and cackles found in Apokalypsis. It’s almost like she’s happy. Songs like “Flatlands”, “Appalachia” and “Boyfriend” just sick their claws in you.

As a whole, Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs is worth the point of departure from the normal metal melee. It proves you can be dark without being overt. Pick up this album from your local shop or here, at her Hello Merch page.

Look. It’s easy to write off Horse Latitudes as a band that benefited from a Hooded Menace split. Sure but why the fuck would Hooded Menace do a split with a shitty metal band? These Finnish rockers are far from your normal doom band. Their vocals are something from Saint Vitus or OM’s lost demos. They have no guitar, just two bass players, a drummer and they’re crushing enough to be on Doomentia’s stout catalog.

Their sound is slow and sedated, their percussions will run shivers up your fucking back and damn, that album work is stellar. Taking cues from psych rock of the 70’s (hell, their name comes from a Doors song), Awakening is a wall-shattering garguantuan of an album. If the above track grabs you by your throat and you feel compelled to support this band, head to their Bandcamp and pick up their LPs, merch and other goodies now!