Tristan Holden’s Tom Donhou Experiments in Speed Project

Photos by Tristan Holden

The Tom Donhou ‘Experiments in Speed’ was one of the more unique frame builder projects I’ve seen. Local photographer Tristan Holden was present during the launch, documenting this endeavor. He sent along a series of photos which were on display at Look Mum No Hands last week. Here’s a little background:

“I’ve known Tom for quite a while, and I can remember bumping into him when he moved back to Norwich from working in London. He told me he’d quit his job and was going to set up shop building bicycle frames. I didn’t figure that a few years later I’d be hanging out the back of a car, shooting him riding faster than my old VW can drive. Then again, I shouldn’t have figured any less.

The project continues the time-honoured tradition of men in sheds, building stuff. The guys that pushed the envelope of what speeds were achievable at Bonneville in the 1960’s all started in the same way, with an idea and the desire to go faster. Like a lot of those men, Tom didn’t have huge financial backing, just the raw materials and the know how to put the bike together. Not to mention the guts to ride it.

These images document the initial building of the spoiler that would be fixed to the 1960’s Ford Zephyr that Tom would draft in, the shakedown run on the public roads around the outskirts of Norwich and the top speed run up at Bruntingthrope proving ground.

There’s a documentary following the project too, premiering on the 11th of July at Look Mum No Hands in London.”

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