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Traitor Cycles

Traitor Cycles has a new site up. Check out some new offerings to the Traitor Cycles line below, along with a press release.

Traitor Cycles has just launched a brand new website to showcase their revamped product lineup for 2010.

“For 2010 we really wanted to take our product to the next level and provide our customers with some of the most uniquely crafted steel bikes in production. In the past we were limited to what we could do based on our factories capabilities. We are fortunate to be working with a new factory that for the most part has no limitations in frame design since they do a ton of custom one off frames for customers as well as bigger production runs. They are one of the only factories I know of that does full fillet brazing which we utilized on our new Ringleader frame, says Kevin Menard co-owner of Traitor Cycles.”

To check out the new products and site go to:

Traitor Cycles is a rider owner bicycle manufacturer north of Seattle, WA that is dedicated to producing high quality steel bikes. From all weather bike commuters, racing cyclocross and fixed gears, Traitor Cycles sets out to create unique bikes that have a custom bike feel and a production bike value.

2641 Delta Ring Rd.
Ferndale, WA 98248 USA
(360) 366-5123