Tokyo Fixed Gear: Nagasawa Tees


Tokyo Fixed Gear: Nagasawa Tees



I love my Nagasawa shirt the guys at COG made a few years back and you know what, I think that’s the last time I’ve seen a Nagasawa shirt available online. Of course I’m probably wrong but the COG shirts weren’t Kume and Kume ain’t exactly mass-produced:

“his is no mass produced T-Shirt. Kume are a traditional t-shirt manufacturer from Tokyo Japan, founded in 1935 by the current directors grandfather. They’re all handmade with the attention to detail you’d expect from a company thats been making T’s this long. They do everything in shop, from selecting the fabrics, cutting the pattern, to sewing and finishing and printing the shirts. They’re all made With care and low environmental impact, using natural cottons, and even cotton threads.”

Pick one of these limited tees up at Tokyo Fixed!