The Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge Epilogue

While the Rouge Roubaix and coincidentally, the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge were both huge successes this year, there were a few things that I felt needed recognition. These can best be broken into a few groups: Chris Diminno’s hard work keeping us all fed, Mosaic’s team of ladies that crushed it, Will Jones’ dedication to the safety of racers and last but not least, the vernacular found in the Deep South.

Chris Diminno is the KOK, the king of the kitchen.

Ever wonder who makes all that delicious shit we were eating during the Rouge Roubaix? This man. As head of the Gourmet Century and general maker of awesome food, Chris Diminno was in charge of keeping three teams, plus journalists, plus mechanics, plus a stressed photographer (me) fed. With a few people being vegetarian, he had to run the gamut of gourmet offerings and believe me when I say he did not disappoint.

Diminno's Delicious Shit

That shit was delicious.

The Boulder Bad-asses (unofficial name)
Meredith Miller, Kristen Legan and Liz Barcheck

Next, the Mosaic ladies. Well, technically, they all race for teams already, so at the risk of getting them in trouble with their sponsors, we’ll just say the Boulder Bad Asses. Anyway, these three women showed up and cleaned up. Their presence at the race was more than appreciated and I can only hope they’ll return next year. Personally, for the longevity of events like the RRBC and the Rouge Roubaix in general, I’d love to see more women’s teams come out and race.

Will Jones marking the portal to hell.

Will Jones is the official race organizer, coordinator, schemer, route safety patrolman and in general, runs the show at the Rouge Roubaix. He’s a hard working, dedicated, clever man, who through it all, remained calm and was always available to help out. Here’s Will now, spraying marking paint over a “portal to hell.”


Last but not least, the Deep South… There are few places in the world as unique as this region of the country. Having grown up below the Mason Dixon line, it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Counter to popular opinion, the people here were welcoming, helpful and extremely kind to the racers. The landscapes provided ample back drops and vignettes, causing me to stop in my tracks multiple times to document the vernacular.

The 2015 Rouge Roubaix and the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge will continue on again next year. Hopefully both with grow and expand to include more racers and more frame builders. I think it’s safe to say that everyone left this event counting the days until next year… Stay tuned for future updates as events warrant.


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