The Radavist Authors’ Favorite Small Business Products: Ryan Wilson


The Radavist Authors’ Favorite Small Business Products: Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson kicks off a series we’re launching during the pandemic, a shout out to our favorite small businesses in the cycling industry. Here are some of Ryan’s personal favorite products!

Small businesses are the foundation of the outdoor industry and many have been seriously impacted by the pandemic over the last couple of months. While money is understandably tight for a significant portion of people, if you do have the means and are dreaming up your next bike trip or local ride, I wanted to offer up a few suggestions for gear that I believe is worthy of investing in from some of my favorite small businesses in the industry.

Porcelain Rocket 52Hz Framebag

My first ever bikepacking bag was an OG Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion, and I’ve never been on a multi-day ride without at least one of their bags strapped to my bike. Everything they make is a step ahead of the industry and seems to last forever, so I could include at least 3 or 4 products from them, but I have to say that the 52Hz frame bag is definitely my favorite!

Check out the 52Hz bag here

Tarptent StratoSpire 2

The Tarptent StartoSpire 2 worked out really well in Asia. I’m not sure that there’s an option out there that can match the space, weight, price, and overall bomber-ness ratio that this tent nails. The ability to set it up with the rainfly already attached makes a big difference when evening storms roll in and you’re scrambling to pitch the tent in a downpour.  For something smaller, the featherlight Aeon Li also looks pretty dreamy!

Check out the StratoSpire 2 here

Widefoot CargoMount

The Widefoot CargoMount is by far my favorite way to mount things to my stuff. 3-bolt mounts or standard O-rings work perfectly for securing it to your fork or downtube, and you are free to insert a couple of liters of water or a giant vat of peanut butter. No one will judge you.

You can find CargoMounts here

Voile Straps

Strapping stuff to my things is also a favorite past time of mine, and no one does it better than Voile. I like to keep a few dozen on hand just in case I can use them as currency during a zombie apocalypse. They also work great for lashing your bike to the roof of a Tajik Jeep in a pinch as well!

Check out Voile’s straps here

Paul Klamper Disc Brakes

#cantstopwontstop, but if I have to, legally, there’s no better or more reliable way to do it than Paul Klampers in my opinion. They’re super easy to adjust and provide all the stopping power I need to slow down my 80+lb bike (and me!) while hurtling down a Himalayan mountainside.

You can pick up a set of Klampers here

Tumbleweed Prospector

If you’re spending your quarantine dreaming up a long trip on dirt tracks in distant lands, no bike out there is made for exactly that as much as the Tumbleweed Prospector with a Rohloff drivetrain. It’s built to be a bike that you don’t have to worry about when you’re in the middle of nowhere, regardless of how much weight you pile on it and what kind of terrain you’re on.

For more info on the Prospector, check here

Pass and Stow 5-rail rack

The Pass and Stow 5-rail rack has taken endless abuse since I got it before I left for South America in 2016, and it somehow keeps on going despite my best efforts. That’s my seal of approval!

Check out Pass and Stow’s rack options here

Bedrock 3D Cairn Sandals

These Bedrock Sandals were a game-changer for me in Asia. They Made River Crossings Fun Again, and believe me that’s important in a place like Kyrgyzstan!  I rarely even took them off there. I even came home with socks that weren’t filled with holes and got a stylish foot tan to go with it!

Check out all of Bedrock’s sandal options here

44 Bikes Marauder UTE

If you’re in the market for custom frame, Kris at 44 Bikes is like a steel (and Ti) wizard! Whether it’s a steel world expedition bike or a hardtail to rip around your local trails on, he can definitely come up with something that suits your specific needs perfectly.

See what cool things Kris at 44 Bikes is making here

Ringtail Camp Pants

I just snagged some of these Ringtail “Camp pants” that pack down to a size small enough that I’ll probably lose them, but if they’re as good at campin’ as they are quarantine chillin’, I think they’ll work out very nicely. I look forward to finally having something to wear when I’m doing laundry on the road again (one day)!

You can pick up a pair of camp pants here