The Radavist 2019 Calendar: August


The Radavist 2019 Calendar: August

This is the eighth layout of the Radavist 2019 Calendar, entitled “Eastern Pluton” shot with a Mamiya 7ii and Kodak Portra 160 film in Big Pine, California.

“Located just a few miles east from the town of Big Pine, nestled amidst the White Mountains, off of Death Valley Road, is Papoose Flat. The Paiute occupied this area and most of the White Mountains into the 1930’s. They called this region Tovo-Wa-Ha and spent the warmer months gathering Tuva (Piñon nuts) to help the tribe survive the harsh winter. While it is a popular 4×4 OHV zone, it’s a crushing MTB ride with rocks, ruts, and deep sand. The steep grades are punishing but the vistas are an ultimate reward with high Sierra views and beautiful granite magma formations, unique to this pluton.”

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The mobile background this month is an in-camera, triple exposure from the high Sierra. Click here to download August’s Mobile Wallpaper.