The Radavist 2019 Calendar: April


The Radavist 2019 Calendar: April

This is the fourth layout of the Radavist 2019 Calendar, entitled “Sleeping Rainbow” shot with a Canon 1DX and a 70-200mm lens in Fruita, Utah.

“The Waterpocket Fold is the defining geological feature in Capitol Reef National Park. This 100-mile long buckle in the earth’s crust runs from the north, around Hanksville, all the way South, to Bullfrog on Lake Powell. Along this Fold, rocks have been pushed upward and erosion has cut through the layers, creating deep narrow canyons and dynamic vistas. Capitol Reef got its name due to the unique formations resembling Neoclassical architecture found within the United States’ capitol buildings. Kinda shitty huh? Especially compared to the indigenous tribes’ name for the Reef, Sleeping Rainbow. Last week, we embarked on a ride through this incredible zone with Machines for Freedom. Our full-length post is following this month.”

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The mobile background this month is the same shot as March’s, but with a special touch. Click here to download April’s Mobile Wallpaper.