The Prolly Viking DZR First Sample


The Prolly Viking DZR First Sample


When I first introduced the Prolly Viking DZR sneakers, they got mixed reactions. Some people were stoked, others were not. But that’s the name of the game. Taking into consideration some of the critiques, we went forward with the first run of samples. A few weeks ago, I received the first sample shoe and I gotta say, it’s pretty rad. We chose a ballistic nylon outer and kept it minimal and black. The reason I’m using the black and white shots is because some of the colors were off in the sample and I don’t want people to get too hung up on them.

So far, the key features are a screen-printed reflective “P” on the back, SPD compatibility, a deeper heel cup with added padding, a printed insole and a gum sole. We’re going to raise the heel a little bit more for the next sample and add some more padding around the perimeter of the shoe opening. For a first attempt, I’m stoked! The material is killer and once we nail down the branding, I’ll be approving these to be produced for a sooner-than-I-expected release date.

Keep tuned in for more details as events warrant.

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