The Pedalr Store


The Pedalr Store


Things are changing over at Pedalr:

Pedalr has existed in beta testing for over a year as a all inclusive marketplace for all things cycling related new or used. Anyone can sell or buy a product on the site. Over the last year we have watched and learned, looking for a larger opportunity to engage in the cycling industry. The Pedalr store is the answer we have been looking for.

The Pedalr store will feature best in brand items related to urban cycling. Items in the store ever 2 to 3 weeks, small quantities of great product. Only 8-10 items will be featured each turn. The marketplace will serve as a feeder system, we will select several items a rotation from existing pedalrs.

Other items will be from existing larger brands in the urban cycling segment. Items will be sold at full retail, this is not a discount flash sale, this is a spotlight on craftsmanship and exciting development.

The Marketplace will continue to exist as it stands, we feel it adds value to the cycling community at large. We encourage shops, manufacturers and individuals to place their items for sale on the site, the best will be selected and elevated to the Pedalr Store.

We look forward to partnering with different folks in the cycling industry and giving both the consumer and the manufacturer higher levels of product visibility. Building pedalr has been a labor of love and we are excited about the new direction the site is headed.

Check out the new Pedalr store here!