The Los Angeles Tracklocross Series

Tracklocross. Yeah, you heard it, Tracklocross. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s spreading faster than you could ever imagine. With contingencies popping up all over the globe, things are really beginning to culminate this year as we lead up to Nationals in June (Bay Area) and the World Championships in August (Japan). With Los Angeles’ second race of the season in the bag, the vibes are only growing stronger out here as things continue to build momentum. Safa Brian came out and completely crushed the course. He took a commanding lead out the gate and put a significant gap between him and the rest of the pack. The spectator crowd camped out in the middle of the grass and more or less turned their heads as everyone ran laps around them.

The course was a fun mix of on road / off road, with a couple of steep climbs that had everyone hoofing it and a barreling decent that brought you back around. Gearing up for a race like this is crucial and it’s always hard to predict what the track is going to be like. Kyle Kelly and I ran around shooting photos of whatever we could while racers jumped logs, ran hills and kicked dust into the fisheye I was shooting with. All in all we had a blast and are already looking forward to the next race here in LA on June 15th. Shout out to Dermy Aguirre and Stephanie Ortega for hosting these races and bringing the community together in here LA.

Don’t miss even more events coming down the chute:
Tracklocross Nationals // June 21-23 (Bay Area)
Tracklocross World Championships // August 29th – September 1st (Japan)

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