The Holy Grail


The Holy Grail


Sure, the Holy Grail to most is a golden goblet from which Christ drank from at the Last Supper. Indiana Jones taught us that the grail was in fact, made from wood, since Christ was a carpenter. Well, this my friends is not about a goblet, this is about the Holy Grail for Eddy Merckx fans.

Karl, who I recently bought a jersey from on eBay, got ahold of this 7-Eleven team Merckx. This isn’t just any 7-Eleven Merckx, it’s the very frame that Axel Merckx, Eddy’s son rode and it’s made from Reynolds 753. 753 is the heat treated cousin of the famed 531. Not sure on the size, but it looks like a 62cm. Edit: here’s the auction, all the information is listed. Now bid away you fiends!

Karl will be listing this on eBay tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. I can’t wait to see how much this beauty goes for.