The Hebridean Way: Bikepacking Adventure

Fish and Chip connoisseurs, Joe Barnes and Fergus Lambs of the venerable Dudes of Hazzard invite you to join them on their whimsical journey along the Hebridean Way. Faffing about through the long days of high summer here’s your chance to take part in a proxy experience of cold swims, impressive echoes, and some extremely pastoral campsites.

In their own words:

“The trip of a lifetime! This one’s a biggie…. Neither Joe nor Ferg had been on a bikepacking trip before and so the idea to start on what could be one of the best and most scenic routes in the world was an obvious first choice. Another key objective was to start and finish from their hometown of Fort William and so that’s what they did. There followed an impromptu spending spree to get the necessary kit, strapping it on the bikes and hitting the road with a wing and a prayer. The first leg was a quick 50 miles down the coast to Oban where the ferry would depart and take the boys over to the start of the Hebridean Way, on the Isle of Barra. From here it was incredible beaches, mountains, causeways, ferry crossings, and majority wilderness. For the first trip on loaded bikes this couldn’t have been a better start. As with all trips, however, there were a few bumps in the road and some hills to overcome, but that the boys did and they returned triumphant from their week away on the road. If anything was learned then it must have been that going by bike is a great way to see a new place, take in the sights, and to return buzzing with a satisfyingly lead-like feeling in the legs. Enjoy the film and please suggest where we can take the loaded up rigs on the next mission. “