The Dark Lord’s Collection at DeFeet


The Dark Lord’s Collection at DeFeet

Sometimes, all black is the best. That’s the route Erik Nohlin takes when it comes to socks. As a part of their Bespoke collaboration collection, DeFeet has teamed up with Nohlin to make a run of, you guessed it, all black socks. Check out backing information at DeFeet and check out DeFeet’s interview with Erik below!

Q: Tell us about the Dark Lord’s

A: About a decade ago or so I got sworn to the dark and started building a uniform to match the darkness in my life, on and off the bike. As a son of Oden, darker than your bottom bracket shell and a purveyor of Darkness, there wasn’t enough Darkness in products out there. The Dark Lord’s was started as project to offer the darkest of its kind among key products crucial to a life in Darkness. A collection of products sworn to the dark.

Q: What’s the background of these socks?

A: There were no socks dark enough so I sampled a piece of real Darkness and built this sock around it, simple as that. To avoid any confusion in color I sourced a limited batch of Darkness instead of using black and DeFeet made a perfect execution.

Q: Exactly how dark are they?

A: They are the darkest socks on the planet. Completely mass murdered out and definitely darker than the blackest sock out there. Just for the record, a pair of 99% grey socks are not black, they are still grey and even black can’t compare to the darkness of Darkness.

Q: A lot of talk about Vantablack, how do these socks compare?

A: There is the color black and there is Darkness, these socks are the darkest socks ever made. Vantablack is just a material among thousands of others, it just happens to be the blackest, but as you know there’s Darkness if you go beyond black. Dude, you can’t even buy Vantablack, these socks are 15 $

Q: Why DeFeet?

A: All other sock companies laughed me in the face when I showed my early sketches of nano tube socks and they couldn’t wrap their neon infused and color pop’d minds around how dark I needed this sock to be. When I met with DeFeet at NAHBS last year they immediately got me and said, “hey, we can produce a sock so dark you can’t even see it – but you would have to source the darkness” and that sold me. I also like sustainability in the DeFeet Bespoke project, their authentic dedication in making the best product to people like us.

Q: Who will buy this sock.

A: Who wouldn’t want the darkest sock on the planet? Honestly, who wouldn’t want a pair of really good looking, small batch, Bespoke cycling socks? Anyone tired of contrasting logos and color blocks that destroy your perfectly good sock. Anyone who like me believes that black isn’t enough. Darkness is the new black. Oh, and proceeds goes to a dark matter. And oh, there’s a subliminal message in the darkness of each sock!