The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture


The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture



To commemorate its 150th anniversary, Brooks England has composed a well-designed book, featuring art and photography from many talented individuals:

“Published by Thames & Hudson, this book is a collection of fascinating views on the bicycle and its cultural influence, featuring contributions from Guy Andrews, Ron Arad, Bella Bathurst, Matt Brammeier, Will Butler-Adams, Antony Cairns, Taz Darling, Geoff Dyer, Timothy Everest, Joe W. Hall, Caren Hartley, Frank Herholdt, Guy Kesteven, Joe MacLaren, George Marshall, David Millar, Simon Mottram, Martin Parr, Laura Quick, Amy Sherlock, Sir Paul Smith, Tom Southam, Mark Sutton, Bernard Thompson, Jack Thurston, Richard Wentworth, and Ben Wilson.”

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