The Bikes of the ENVE Builder Round-Up Part 02: Moots, Mosaic, Prova, Pursuit, Retrotec, Rock Lobster, Sage, SaltAir, Scarab, Sklar, Speedvagen, Strong

Last year, ENVE opened its doors to the public for an Open House event. Once inside, visitors took a tour of its Ogden, Utah facilities and were greeted by two-dozen custom bikes from builders across the globe. This year the pandemic forced ENVE to pivot a bit, holding a virtual tour and framebuilder showcase they’re calling the Builder Round-Up. We’re pleased to once again host this showcase, with two-part coverage, so read on below for part two of a full breakdown on these Beautiful Bicycles along with a few teasers of new ENVE product…

Moots – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Model: Routt 45
Material: Titanium

Since 1981 Moots has been creating some of the most enviable bikes on the market. The most recent update to the Routt 45 brings a longer front-center with slacker head tube, but the biggest news is the increased tire clearance…up to a 50c tire can now be used. Adventure ready.

Mosaic Cycles – Boulder, Colorado
Model: RT-1d
Material: Titanium

Mosaic’s Aaron Barcheck’s long history working with titanium goes far back to his days with Dean Bicycles. His ability to tune the ride through tube selection is on display with the RT-1d, which is a true performance road bike that checks all the boxes. Aaron’s latest build features the Integrated Front-End with one-piece bar/stem.

Prova Cycles – Victoria, Australia
Model: Mostro
Material: Titanium

Prova has only been around for the past six years and they’re quickly making a name for themselves bringing new technology and manufacturing processes. The Mostro will clear up to a 55c tire, while still keeping a road fit. It’s designed around long-distance, multi-day riding where the comfort of a road bar is a priority, without having to make sacrifices on tire width.

Pursuit Cycles – Bozeman, Montana
Model: The LeadOut All Road
Material: Carbon

Drawing a line between venture and adventure, The LeadOut All Road is designed for some off-road fun, but not full blown gravel exploration. Made entirely in-house, the molded carbon frames can accommodate custom geometry.

Retrotec – Napa, California
Model: Funduro
Material: Steel

The Funduro is a 29er singlespeed designed to accommodate a 120mm fork or the ENVE Mountain Fork. Completely versatile to deliver whatever riding experience one might want. In true Retrotec style, the twin top tubes feature the brand’s trademark arc.

Rock Lobster – Santa Cruz, California
Model: Road Team TIG SL
Material: Steel

Just a handful of miles from Calfee, Rock Lobster has an equally impressive history in the sport with their TIG and fillet brazed steel bikes. The Team TIG SL is a classic, timeless design.

Sage Titanium – Beaverton, Oregon
Model: Powerline
Material: Titanium

At last year’s Builder Round-Up, Sage Titanium unveiled a prototype version of what would be the Storm King gravel bike. This time around, Sage’s David Rosen went with fatter tires and a flat bar on the Powerline hardtail mountain bike.

SaltAir Cycles – Salt Lake City, Utah
Model: All-Road
Material: Steel

SaltAir Cycles has a loyal following in cyclocross, and are now gaining a new following in Utah and beyond with their traditional touch and a return to the local artisan experience. The All-Road blends a traditional steel design with the modern convenience of adequate enough tire clearance for most any outing.

Scarab Bicycles – Medellin, Colombia
Model: Páramo
Material: Steel

With clearance for a 45c tire, the Páramo is built around the unknown elements found in the Colombian countryside. Most notable is the paint, which is done in-house and guarantees no two bikes ever being the same.

Sklar Bikes – Bozeman, Montana
Model: All Road
Material: Titanium

One of the three bikes from Bozeman, Montana, the Sklar All Road is made to accommodate just about any type of multi-surface riding. Slightly more upright than a traditional road bike, it’s designed around all-day comfort while incorporating Sklar’s trademark top tube design.

Speedvagen – Portland, Oregon
Model: GTFO
Material: Steel

Speedvagen’s most adept adventuring rig gets an Adventure Fork for greater mounting options and a paint job that is uniquely Speedvagen. Like most other Speedvagens, the GTFO has numerous other add-ons depending on what someone’s intent might be.

Strong Frames – Bozeman, Montana
Model: All-Road
Material: Titanium

Not only does the “western camo” paint job perfectly fit the Round-Up theme, the All-Road is a proper road race bike just with a little extra tire clearance for added versatility.