The Best French Component?


The Best French Component?

Photo by Schwar on Flickr

A recent discussion on the NYC Boards led to this simple question: “Best french component ever? Discuss….” Sasha had the right answer off the bat; well for me anyway. The Berthet Lyotard pedals were the most comfortable pedals I ever owned. Not until I cracked one on the sidewalk was I forced to sell them on eBay a few years back. I didn’t even know what I had either, which is the sad part. Not knowing, I put the drive-side pedal and the slightly damaged non-drive side up on eBay for $15 or something. They were gone in moments and I just sat there, scratching my head.

Maybe you have a similar experience? Or a similar component you loved? Maybe it’s a Mafac Competition brake caliper set or a pair of Stronglight or TA cranks? Share your story with us.