The All-City Championship Alleycat is Tonight!


The All-City Championship Alleycat is Tonight!

I’ve been having a blast here in Minneapolis so far. Bandit cross ruled, last night’s track bike criterium was fast and fun but tonight’s main event is going to be even better.

Here’s the scoop from Bike Jerks: Meet at One on One at 4pm, Rollout to Undisclosed Starting Location at 4:45, Shortly after 5pm Race Start

Turn in your Manifest by 9pm or be DQ’d

Gear Junkie Office
2836 Lyndale Greenway Level
Grumpy’s NE
Pat’s Tap
Sample Room
Indeed Brewing
Minnehaha Rail Station
Witch’s Hat Tower
Fulton Brewery
Spring St. Tavern
White Sands Beach
E 27th st / West River Parkway
Cedar Inn
Grumpy’s Downtown
Don’t be a clown, bring your helmet