WTFBX:  Tessa Hull’s Illustrated Timeline of WTF-B Riders in History


WTFBX: Tessa Hull’s Illustrated Timeline of WTF-B Riders in History

Our friends at WTFBX have another poster for sale, showcasing the history of WTF bike riders in history. Tessa Hull’s illustrated timeline is a 150-year story of the bicycle as a tool for social activism.

Using a combination of historical information and hand-drawn illustrations, Tessa Hulls dives into the feminist history of cycling and shines a light on a cohort of adventurers who took to their bikes to knock down gender barriers. Tessa’s article and illustrated timeline are featured in the first issue of the Get Rad Be Radical publication which is also available on our store.

Proceeds will directly support the operating costs for WTFBX programs.

Shipping: United States only
Size: 11 x 17”
Material: 100# paper
Printed by: Paperjam Press
Printed in: Portland OR
Illustrated by: Tessa Hulls

Head to WTFBX to order!

WTF BX Announces the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship


WTF BX Announces the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship

WTF BX announces that the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship is now accepting applications!

The 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarships seek to increase access, reduce barriers, and center voices specifically for BIPOC cyclists who identify as femme, trans, woman, non-binary, intersex, two-spirit, or genderqueer. The application will close at 9pm (PST) on August 27, 2020. Those selected to receive one of the SJ Brooks Scholarships will be notified by the week of September 21, 2020.

**Applicants must self-identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, person of color) and FTWN-B (femme, transgender, woman, non-binary). All skill levels, abilities, and body sizes are encouraged to apply. All applicants who do not identify as BIPOC should spread the word to BIPOC cyclists in their community circles.

The cycling community and industry raised $20k for the scholarships. This financial donation will allow recipients to receive up to $2k to pursue a spirited endeavor and has helped support a committee to oversee the application process. WTF BX also received cycling and camping gear packages valued at $3k each and bikes for 9 recipients. These combined contributions will allow WTF BX to offer up to 18 scholarships specifically for BIPOC FTWN-B cyclists!

Thank you to the cycling community and the following cycling brands who helped make this happen: @eastoncycling, @iamspecialized, @evo, @konabikes, @surlybikes, @velocioapparel, @chrome_industries, @revelatedesigns, @ridewithgps, @gaiagps, @cnocoutdoors, @bedrocksandals, @topodesigns, @ombraz, @blackburndesign, @biketiresdirect, @boschebikesystems.us, @fernwehfoodco, @fix_that_bike, @planet_bike, @msr_gear, @microcosm_pub

See more and apply at the SJ Brooks Scholarship page.