Nature is Luxury at Wales’ Fforest Gran Ffondo


Nature is Luxury at Wales’ Fforest Gran Ffondo

Oversized white t-shirts flapping listlessly between a great white softbox Welsh sky and endless hordes of casual, sunbathing daisies. Jersey pockets bulging with hard boiled eggs and gummy bears. Hushed whispers of chain ring print, oil tattooed cyclists entering a bird hide and unzipping Leica binocular cases. Nature’s comfortable chatter pauses incrementally to listen to the doppler shifting cacophony of a freewheeling Hope RS4 flying down a caution signed gradient. The Fforest Gran Ffondo must be, objectively, the finest road cycling event around right now.



Bringing a taste of legendary off-road events such as the Cape Epic and BC Bike race to the classic trails of Wales, Wales360 will allow up to 600 riders, competing in teams of two or solo riders, the chance to discover a 550-kilometre route through Mid and North Wales over six,, point-to-point stages. Uniquely each day will feature a timed stage within the day of riding that is timed separately, taking influence from Enduro racing it gives riders the chance to push themselves to the limit on both the climbs and descents for a short section within the overall stage. Balancing challenge with reward is what Wales360 is all about.

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