Episode One of “Old Enough to Know Better” presented by Wahoo

The new video series from Wahoo, “Old Enough to Know Better,” follows Rab Wardell’s dream to compete at the highest level, and be the best athlete he can be at 36.

In the first episode of this four part series, Rab takes a look back at where it all began, in the foothills of Fife, through to the crushing disappointment of the 2006 commonwealth games, and how that has led to where he is now, including his FKT on the West Highland way in 2020. He begins to ask the question, at 36, should he know better than to risk reliving past pains, or is chasing dreams always worthwhile?

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Wahoo Frontiers: Ian Boswell Unbound Gravel

Wahoo‘s newest Frontiers video features Ian Boswell and his win at Unbound Gravel.

“In December of 2019, Ian Boswell announced his retirement from road cycling and his shift in focus to gravel racing. Ian set his route to all things adventure. Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But it’s hard to remember that when focusing on wins and watts, podiums, and purses. He transitioned away from the status quo to experience the joy of racing again.  With a pandemic and training solo, Ian is back into racing with the rest of the world.

In this episode of Frontiers, Ian Boswell shares his story of racing gravel post-pandemic, being back with a group of riders, and experiencing both the comradery and competition once more to become the Unbound King of Gravel…”


Wahoo’s Breakfast with Boz: Molly Cameron

Wahoo’s podcast, Breakfast with Boz, recently sat down with Molly Cameron, a professional cyclocross racer and transgender athlete with a mission to improve the trans experience and make the cycling community a welcoming and more informed space. Give this one a listen for more insight into the recent anti-trans legislation passing across the country and how it affects athletes.


Wahoo Frontiers: Lost Coast

Wahoo Frontiers takes to one of California’s most breathtaking places, the Lost Coast:

“In this first episode of season two, Ian Boswell, Peter Stetina, and Colin Strickland meet up in California for a bike trip that explores the Lost Coast. This is not just an adventure, it is the new training camp for these privateers. What do you do when you need your competition to get better so you can beat your competition later? Ian, Pete, and Colin find out as they tackle the Lost Coast each seeking something a bit different and each riding away with fresh perspective and motivation for challenges ahead.”

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Wahoo Fitness: The South Downs Way Video

Last summer 4 friends took on the South Downs Way – an ancient 100-mile ridgeline that spans the southeast coast of England. Starting in Winchester and finishing in East Bourne the historic chalk path has over 3500m of climbing and not a car in sight, just rolling steep hills as far as the eye can see. The South Downs was the training ground of UK cycling legend Sean Yates, the third UK rider to wear the Yellow Jersey. Now his son Liam Yates carries on the tradition, joined by mates Neil Philips, Sophie Edmondson, and Anna Mcleod. In these strange times of isolation, this short film is a reminder to all of the simple joys of cycling with friends. A joy that for the time being must remain a memory. Please do not travel to the South Downs during this period of lockdown, it is a beautiful ancient land and it isn’t going anywhere.

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Wahoo Frontiers Episode 2: Peter Stetina

Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But it’s hard to remember that when focusing on wins and watts, podiums and purses. It becomes exhausting. So there’s a new breed of professional athletes choosing to transition away from the status quo. And though they possess the racing pedigree of their peers, they want to experience the joy of racing again. They’re forging a new Frontier in professional sport. With fresh legs, they’ll define success differently and apply a savvy entrepreneurial spirit to build a career on their terms. One based on performance, and most importantly, fun.


Seeking New Frontiers with Wahoo and Ian Boswell

After a successful career racing the European pro circuit on teams including Trek-Livestrong, Team Sky, and Katusha-Alpecin, American pro cyclist Ian Boswell has decided to transition from the road calendar to a new challenge — racing for Wahoo Fitness on a circuit of his own design that will include gravel and endurance mountain bike events. Boswell will be chronicling his move from road to gravel racing in Wahoo’s new ​Frontiers campaign​ that will include podcasts and video episodes.