Itinerology : The Workspace

The events that shape our lives on the bike take real people to make happen. This three-part video series looks at one such human, Ash Smith, the founder of the Trans Provence mountain bike race. Don’t miss this intimate look into Ash’s modus operandi.


MAVIC® Trans-Provence 2015: Day 02

If you need a reason to be stoked on the Trans Provence, just look at this video’s title image. A mix of old vernacular and modern MTB technology creates this dichotomy of trail stokedness. Or something like that. Just check out the MAVIC® Trans Provence’s Day 02 coverage and look for our boy Ty in the mix!

… oh and happy birthday Gary!


MAVIC® Trans-Provence 2015: Day 01

Here we are, one full year later. The MAVIC Trans-Provence was the buzziest enduro of 2014 and this year’s course looks to be delivering one hell of a fun time. Even on Day 01! Let’s all wish the Radavist contributer Tytanium some good luck!