The West is Burning


The West is Burning

Check fire.airnow.gov for AQI and smoke in your area

We’re at a loss for words over here. At this point, I don’t think anyone thought 2020 could get any worse. The American West is burning. Friends have lost their homes. The smoke plume is spreading throughout the continent and even here in New Mexico, our favorite trails are burning. This post isn’t going to be a long-winded discourse in climate change, or forest management, rather this post will give condolences to everyone affected by these fires. To all who have lost their homes, lost their backyards, we’re thinking of you. Also, as a reminder, be mindful of who or what you donate to. There are lots of scam GoFundMe accounts popping up.

This weekend was depressing. Seeing loved ones losing everything and smelling the charred forests in our own home is a reminder that this is the new normal. Please be safe out there and reach out to your friends in need.

Also, check your local AQI before embarking on a ride. Excercise in high AQI can result in permanent respiratory damage. Not what you want during a respiratory pandemic.

xo from everyone here at the Radavist.