House Industries Velo Tellason Jeans


House Industries Velo Tellason Jeans

I’m a one-pair-of-jeans kinda guy. I usually wear them until they blow out, then get them repaired, all the while never washing them. I’ll ride mountain bikes in them, travel extensively, wear them on photoshoots, commute in them, wear them every single day and eventually they’ll age and develop a great finish. Nothing about my normal jeans inhibits me from riding a bike. That’s because normal jeans are perfectly ok to get sweaty in, take a digger in or get soaking wet from rain. The problem is durability. You need great denim that will last, not cheap, thin crap. My preferred denim is Cone Mills and my preferred jeans are made by Tellason, especially their black denim.

If you prefer blue jeans as opposed to black and have been looking for a great pair of US made jeans, don’t miss out on the new House Industries Velo Tellason jeans. They feature a mid-rise fit to prevent “plumber butt” and feature a slim, yet not skin-tight fit. The raw, made in North Carolina Cone Mills White Oak red-line selvage 14.75 oz denim wicks sweat into an indigo blue dye for your favorite white saddle too. They’re sewn in San Francisco and feature a custom, leather Velo Tanner Goods patch. They’ll stretch up to 1″ where it’s tight, so size accordingly. I’m a 33 waist and I buy size 32 jeans.

Buy once, wear, repair, wear and regret nothing. See more at House Industries.