The 18 Beautiful Bicycles of the Chris King Open House


The 18 Beautiful Bicycles of the Chris King Open House

For the past few years, Chris King has opened their doors to the public as part of an entire weekend of events dubbed the Chris King Open House. This event’s intent is to be coordinated with a product launch of their new colors for the year, as well as to showcase what makes their operations tick, and to display a selection of custom bikes, built by some of their best builder customers.

the two new colors for this year: matte turqoise and matte mango.

This year, they sent out an open invite to 30 of their best builder accounts, offering up discounted pricing to them to build a bike for the show, passing on the discount to their customers. Out of those 30 builders, 17 showed up, and they were displayed alongside a Pegoretti bike, which we looked at on Friday. These bikes lined the halls of the Chris King factory, where visitors could look at their features in great detail, chat with the builders about their process, and if they were so inclined, purchase their dream bike.

I was invited up to the Open House to document these bikes for the builders and for Chris King, as well as offering up an ultimate dream bike gallery for you, the readers of this website. Please enjoy! Which bike do you like the best and why? Oh and if you’re interested in one of the bikes showcased here, be sure to reach out to the builders, who are linked in the bike descriptions below.

Spooky Cycles: Mulholland Road Frameset


Spooky Cycles: Mulholland Road Frameset

Spooky Cycles is back in business, working again with legendary Frank the Welder in Vermont on small batches of frames. Currently there is a road frame, dubbed the Mulholland. These bikes have clearances for a plump road tire, are made from Dedacciai and US-made dropouts and ship roughly two weeks after you order one. There are still a few in stock, so head over to Spooky for more information and keep in touch via the Spooky Facebook.

Don’t need another road frame? Well, it appears there’s a ‘cross frame coming! Oh and why wasn’t this bike photographed on Mulholland Drive!? ;-)