Shift: A Bike to Board Journey

This film dives into Stratton Matteson‘s personal journey of shifting away from fossil fuel-powered transportation and opting for a pedal-powered pursuit of his passion for split-boarding. It’s a story of adventure and a call to action: How can we shift our lives *now* to preserve a livable planet for ourselves and future generations? Through biking to board he finds a way to continue doing what he loves while feeling integral in his actions.


The Mountain Why

Cody Townsend and Michelle Parker took on a very unique challenge with The FIFTY:

“The goal was simple, ride bikes, loaded down with 100 pounds of climbing, skiing and camping equipment, over 1000 miles to ski three of The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America. A tiring adventure and a sufferfest of course, but in the context of an ongoing global pandemic, a nation divided by chaos and a populace on the brink, a simple adventure throws the simple act of adventure into question. Why purposely suffer? Why selfishly pursue adventure? Why go into the mountains at all? All questions that a month long adventure begins to throw into your mind. Starring Cody Townsend and Michelle Parker, “The Mountain Why” is a ski adventure unlike any normal escape to the wild.”


Pedal to Peaks

The bicycle is an exceptional vehicle to take you where you wanna go, even if it’s to ski mountains along the length of the Lofoten archipelago in Norway.