Pantelleria: Daugher of the Wind

The latest from Seabase is as awe-inspiring as ever!

“Pantelleria sits in the southern Mediterranean like a black fortress. Seemingly the crossing point between southern European and northern African cultures, I first discovered this island in the movie A Bigger Splash, as Tilda Swinton and her co-Stars drove up the most symmetrical set of switchbacks I’ve ever seen in a Mehari. It was this that piqued my interest, and certainly nurtured my obsession.”


Seabase in Morocco

I feel like Patrick Seabase is always a few steps ahead of me in terms of travel and cycling destinations. I’ve wanted to go to Morocco for so long and now, this video just ups the ante.



Filmed with 35mm, Super 16 and Super 8 cameras, the latest from Patrick Seabase also includes my favorite band…



Here’s a video of Patrick Seabase doing his thing in Sustenpass, Switzerland.


Seabase on Teide

Talk about monumental scenery. Fixed gear mountain bomber Patrick Seabase is back, tackling another resting giant in his latest video.