Surviving in a Time of Pandemic: Portland Design Works’ Story


Surviving in a Time of Pandemic: Portland Design Works’ Story

As the person behind the marketing of a small brand, I typically have a strategy that I like to think of as, “appear bigger than the bear.”  As a tiny brand hustling to compete with some very large brands, we aim to appear larger than we are. My theory is that if we want to be competitive, we need to look like a worthy competitor. You know, if you need to scare off a bear, you should try to look bigger than the bear. The current situation has led me to take pause and give up the ruse. Sometimes there’s more to the story than super sexy photos of bikes. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I am getting lonely here in my home office. I miss my co-workers. I miss shooting hoops in the warehouse in the afternoon and walking to get a slice of pizza, making awkward small talk in the pizza shop.


Enjoy Outdoors, Now and Tomorrow: Part 02 – Cycling

The supply chain is disrupted, bikes are selling out all over the country, more riders are out on trails and the roads alike, is this a moment? Or is this the start of a new reality for a sport that has seen popularity rise and fall before? How will small mountain towns deal with tourism which brings the income and now potentially a deadly virus? Will tourists only be from their home state? Or will the pilgrimage to our favorite riding destinations come back to life?

Watch the live stream, discussing cycling and the pandemic here at 12noon PST.