Midwest Dirt Legion is Building a Better Bike Community


Midwest Dirt Legion is Building a Better Bike Community

This past July I was lucky to attend a downhill day with the rad humans who put on the Midwest Dirt Legion. I had heard tales of their group from my partner and friends, so I was very stoked to finally meet them and see what they were up to.  Time after time I hear from non cis male people that they feel there is a lack of places they feel comfortable riding and learning in the mountain bike world, which makes the work that Steph and Ash are doing that much more important. I caught up with them for a spin around the local bandit jumps and got a testimonial from their biggest fan, Chelli. If you are looking for amazing people to ride with in the midwest, check out the Midwest Dirt Legion!  -Spencer

Midwest Dirt Legion is here to build a better mountain bike community for marginalized genders.  Based in Minneapolis, the group was founded in February 2018 by Steph Aich (she/her) and Ash Murray  (they/them) . Our focus is on bringing passionate people and organizations in the Twin Cities together to increase ridership for transgender, gender non-binary, and cis women riders.