Kingdom Bike: Ti-Ronin Stem


Kingdom Bike: Ti-Ronin Stem

Kingdom Bike, the manufacturer of rowdy titanium mountain bike frames announced their newest product, a shorty MTB stem called the Ronin. These stems are available in a 31.8 or 35mm clamp, in 35mm and 40mm lengths and in a raw or polished finish. The Ronin comes in at 135g for the 35mm and 140g for the 40mm, and like all good things, it features titanium fixings.

The stem is a very limited edition as a pre-order for the start of March. The RRP is €155 (+/- $177.69 USD) and we will have stock at the start of March. Pre-order discount if you want to pre-order this stem to ensure you get one then use the code IAMRONIN at the checkout to claim a €30 pre-order discount.

See more at Kingdom Bike.

Rule the Mountain on the Kingdom Vendetta X2 Titanium 27.5+ Hardtail


Rule the Mountain on the Kingdom Vendetta X2 Titanium 27.5+ Hardtail

One of the challenges of writing about and riding bicycles is finding your flow. Sometimes both just seem to propel themselves, and other times you hit a dead end. Luckily, my time on the Kingdom Vendetta X2 was not the latter. Rather, upon the first shakedown ride, I knew I was going to love riding this bike because of one reason: specialization.

Now, hardtails, while simple in their form, come designed for many specific uses. Within this realm of mountain bikes there is an endless combination of design and geometric tweaks, resulting in a bike that can either be tuned for a broad spectrum of riding, or a very specific niche. All this goes without saying, but you can design a hardtail that will climb exceedingly well and descend like a three-wheeled skateboard. Or descend like a banshee and climb like a one-legged pig. While most of these experiential data is subjective, a few key features are just straight up objective.

Currently, the cycling industry is at an all-time low, as in, the bikes are longer and lower – which is a good thing, but there’s a tipping point. A bike that rides well going up as well as going down, is going to have to strike a balance to reign supreme on the mountain. Luckily, that’s where the Vendetta rules in the Kingdom of mountain bikes.