World of Bikes: Gravel Hall of Fame

Today, coinciding with another episode of The Pro’s Closet’s World of Bikes series, we offer up an article Daniel Wakefield Pasley wrote to the head of the gravel (evil) empire, aka the overlords in control of the Gravel Hall of Fame, nominating skateboarding. Daniel has had more to do with the popularity of gravel than you might think and so let’s hear him out below. Please note, take this stuff with a grain (gravel) of (gravel) salt. It’s all in good fun!

The Leaders of Gravel: Dominique Powers’ Medium Format Portraits


The Leaders of Gravel: Dominique Powers’ Medium Format Portraits

This series is a look at the women pushing gravel cycling to be better than it already is.  I photograph them to share their stories, their outlooks, their experiences. 

With my hatchback stuffed with cameras and stands, camping gear, more cycling kit than I could wear, and my bike on the back I created this project. I put 3000 miles on my car over a month traveling around the country, connecting with these women in parking lots and trailheads, trekking through woods and up mountains. When I pulled up at the start line of SBT GRVL for my first bike race it was with many of them toeing the line as well.

Through every conversation, I learned more about them and the world of gravel that I’m falling so deeply into.  I shot against a backdrop to single out, raise up, and celebrate these icons of the sport.  Our time shared in this space I created sacred because of its intention.

What is more special than to create a moment, and then capture it?