Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

This week, I’m bringing to you one of the best Eddy Merckx books I’ve ever had my hands on. Merckx 525 is a wonderfully compiled, hardback collection showcasing the Cannibal’s 525 career victories, from his first junior championships to his retirement in 1978. There are so many photos I’ve never seen before inside its cover that I could have just scanned them in and had Merckx Mondays content for well over a year.

Gage + DeSoto have this book in stock now and are offering free shipping to US PiNP readers by using the code PINP525 at checkout. Pick one up here! I shot some more photos of Merckx 525. Check them out as well.

Jake Ricker’s Born To Die Photo Book


Jake Ricker’s Born To Die Photo Book

Jake Ricker’s photography has been featured here countless times on the site over the years. His 35mm snapshots have finally made their way to a printed publication:

“I am very proud to announce my first photography book is now for sale. A wider and slim version of the same 70 page book is available. Hard cover and soft cover option in both sizes. Look for the preview button on Blurb to see 30 pages of the book. If you would like a copy but don’t want to go through Blurb I can take preorder payments and place a mass order myself. I will ship them out as soon as I get them in.

Just email me at: jakericker@gmail.com

Here’s the link to the Blurb page. For more examples of his work, see his Flickr and Tumblr.