Capturing the Magic of the UCSC Bike Co-op


Capturing the Magic of the UCSC Bike Co-op

Nestled between giant trees and the surrounding University of California Santa Cruz campus, the UCSC Bike Co-op is a haven for students and community members. There are few things more satisfying than rummaging through a parts bin and learning how to wrench on your own bike. As with any good bike shop, co-operative or not, the community is paramount as many of the UCSC co-op volunteers can attest. Continue reading below as Finn Cunningham and Matt Miller, in addition to a collection of their friends and fellow co-opers, capture the magic of UCSC’s Bike Co-op…


Support Cycles of Change: Pedal Forward Against Covid-19

I know everyone has fundraiser fatigue these days but give this one a watch and if you feel moved enough to donate, then you can do so at Cycles of Change:

“Cycles of Change’s in-person programs, the bulk of which take place in Alameda County public schools, are deeply impacted by COVID-19. Activities we do now, support our essential organizational work for the remainder of the year. Like other small grassroots organizations, the cancellation of our programs has had a massive impact on our fiscal stability. However, we are committed to our mission of supporting community access to bikes. We believe that access to just mobility and transportation is an essential human right.

Our mission and work support the directive of the Alameda County Public Health Department that trips should be reduced to only essentials and the need for fresh air and exercise. Bicycles are a key resource for this situation since they are low-cost and low-risk for transmission of COVID-19. Through these challenging times, we continue to provide bicycle education and access to low-cost and free bikes in our community.”