Matt’s Advocate Cycles 27.5+ Hayduke Titan Hardtail with Yanco Custom Bags


Matt’s Advocate Cycles 27.5+ Hayduke Titan Hardtail with Yanco Custom Bags

We’ve still got our year-in-review post coming up, but for now, let’s take a break and check out Matt’s Advocate Cycles Hayduke Titan 27.5+ hardtail.

Before we jump into this build let’s look at Advocate Cycles. As their name implies, “Advocate Cycles is a bike company that exists solely to create innovative bicycles and delivers 100% of profits from the company back to cycling advocacy efforts.” That means, as per the IRS’ laws, they’re allowed to donate 50% of their profits to non-profit organizations each year. They then take that remaining 50%, pay required taxes on that amount, and use the remaining money to run their own advocacy programs during the following calendar year. All-in-all, the result is a bike company that’s the main goal is to help organizations like People for Bikes.

Matt was looking for a new hardtail. One that would offer ample tire clearance, a snappy rear end, and a rowdy fork. On top of riding, Matt uses this bike for bikepacking as well. He’s a trail builder with the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association, so carrying a trailer was a must too. However, first and foremost, Matt wanted a bike that would eat up our chunky, rocky and sandy trails with no hesitation.For portage, he pinged Yanco Customs, our local bag maker to outfit his rig with Multicam and Cordura bags, designed to fit Matt’s specific needs. The resulting product is impressive and in the future, I’ll get some shots of it loaded down with camping supplies and toting the trail working tools used by MWBA.

If you’d like your own Advocate, head to their site and check out their frameset and complete bike offerings.

Advocate Cycles: Hayduke IMBA Special Edition frame


Advocate Cycles: Hayduke IMBA Special Edition frame

The more companies we have backing IMBA and other organizations that work for trail stewardship, the better! Here’s the latest from Advocate Cycles:

“Advocate Cycles is the first bike brand to pledge 100% of after-tax profits to be donated to cycling advocacy efforts. To coincide with IMBA’s World Summit this week in Bentonville, AR, they have created a limited run of 30 frames from their Hayduke model, with custom art designed by Adam Turman that reflects a singletrack trail, and all the parts of the earth around it. These 30 frames will be sold through Advocate Cycle’s dealer and direct sales channels for $800. Each purchase will include a free 1-year membership to IMBA, with the entire purchase price going to IMBA’s Dig In Campaign.”