Surly Issues Immediate Safety Recall for 8 and 24 Pack Racks!


Surly Issues Immediate Safety Recall for 8 and 24 Pack Racks!

This just in from our friends at Surly!

“We’re writing today to let you know that we have recently received reports of a small number of Surly 8-Pack and 24-Pack Racks loosening, contacting the front wheel and causing accidents.

Rider safety is our greatest concern, and we want to make sure that you are fully informed with what is going on, and the steps you should take to ensure safety on your bike equipped with either the Surly 8-Pack or 24-Pack Rack (rack images above).”

Please remove either of these racks from your bike immediately.
If you need assistance removing the rack from your bike, please visit your nearest bike shop for assistance.
Once you or your bike shop have removed the rack from your bike, please keep it, and the mounting hardware together until further notice from Surly Bikes, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), or the bike shop you purchased the rack from.

We are actively working towards a resolution to enable the safe use of your Surly 8-Pack or 24-Pack Rack. This resolution will allow you to update your rack and resume use of the rack on your bike at no cost to you. As soon as we have identified next steps, we will be communicating via email, our blog, and social media. To stay most up to date, please sign up for email communications from us here.

We are truly sorry for this situation and the inconvenience it causes you; we are doing our best to minimize the difficulty it creates for you. We know you likely have more questions about this situation. Please bear with us as we evaluate the best solution and path forward.

We know you love and use these racks every day, please know that we are committed to updating your rack as soon and safely as possible.